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The Importance of Great Toe Mobility

I recently had the opportunity to give a presentation of the lower quarter (Hip, knee, foot/ankle) to a local CrossFit Affiliate Gym CrossFit 7 Cities. After taking about a month to compile all of the information I wanted to share, I realized, that I had to cut back on about 75% of the material I wanted to speak [...]

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How can Physical Therapy help with vertigo?

Do you ever get dizzy when rolling over or sitting up in bed? Experiencing a room-spinning sensation may be a sign of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, or BPPV for short. Onset can occur at any age, but may be more common over the age of 50. Onset in earlier ages is likely due to a head injury and [...]

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Why should I strengthen my hips when my knees hurt?

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS for short) is a common condition where pain is present behind and/or around the knee cap. It is twice as common in women as men and has a high occurrence in those who are involved in athletic activities. Physical therapy is an effective treatment to reduce this type of knee pain. Initially, it was [...]

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Which running shoe is right for you?

I constantly have patients who come in and ask me about how to pick out the correct running shoes. They often say they are going to a store where “They watch you walk on a treadmill” to help you pick the right shoe. It is important to realize that the way we walk or our “gait” is very different on a treadmill than when we are walking on the ground, so that will not be a reliable way of finding the proper shoe for you.

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