Physical Therapy in Port Orchard

Port Orchard, a beautiful place for physical therapy.

Port Orchard Physical Therapy

At Pacific Physical Therapy in Port Orchard, WA, our patients are treated with the greatest respect and care. Our positive and encouraging atmosphere starts with our reception and follows through with every aspect in our clinic. So if you are looking for friendly and experienced physical therapy near Port Orchard, look no farther than our clinic. Every day, we help people recover from old injuries, prevent new injuries, and get back to their normal daily activities. Whether you are experiencing pain from a sports injury or recovering from surgery, this is the place for you!

Our Staff

Brett Palmer is highly skilled, educated, and experienced. He enjoys working with diverse patients and treating a wide variety of conditions. Pacific Physical Therapy is dedicated to restoring function to patients by providing the most current evidence-based practice with focused patient-centered care.  New procedures and techniques are constantly being developed in the world of physical therapy, and Pacific Physical Therapy group brings these medial advancements to Port Orchard. Dr. Palmer makes a point of staying up to date on new developments. We believe strongly in whole body wellness and provide treatment and education to the patient to help them achieve their desired results. When you visit Pacific Physical Therapy Group in Port Orchard, WA, you are choosing to be treated by people who are passionate about what they do and care about everyone they help.

Our Calling

Our goal is to restore function. We know this can be a challenge, especially at first. Progress depends largely on the type of injury and what kind of pain each person is dealing with. We strive to help you overcome obstacles in your recovery and conditioning. If you have hit a plateau in your physical training, we are happy to assist. If you need preoperative or postoperative therapy, we are right by your side. If an old injury is causing you discomfort in your daily life, we would love to help. Or if you are taking preemptive steps to avoid injury, we are glad to educate and guide you on your journey. Take a look at our areas of expertise and learn more about how we can help you.

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