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Back and Neck Pain

Pacific Physical Therapy has a “no pain” approach to low back pain. We know that your back pain can keep your from the activities you love. There are many factors that can contribute to back pain which can include trauma, abnormalities of the spine, bone spurs, osteoarthritis to name a few. You will meet with one of our specialized, credentialed physical therapists who will conduct a thorough initial evaluation to determine the best treatment plan to help you overcome your back pain. Your therapist will create a customized treatment plan that will focus on restoring neck and back function through:

  • Functional movement
  • Core stability program
  • Core strengthening
  • Manual therapy
  • Modalities
  • Traction

Your physical therapist will provide education to help you understand your pain and how you can adjust your body mechanics to mitigate re-injury. Pacific Physical Therapy follows clinical practice guidelines to ensure we are delivering the best evidence based care.